Youth Development

The Ministry of Youth Development and National Service (MYDNS), in an effort to positively influence our diverse 468,000-member youth population, will be guided by the National Youth Policy (2020-2025), which focuses on the empowerment and strategic engagement of our youth, as co-creators of sustainable development initiatives.

The Youth Policy was developed and bolstered on the following (8) strategic priorities for youth development:

  1. Prioritising Youth Economic Participation and Empowerment
  2. Harnessing Youth Social and Intellectual Capital
  3. Facilitating inclusive and Active Youth in the Civic and Democratic Life of Trinidad and Tobago
  4. Creating Safe Spaces, Peaceful Communities and Environments
  5. Promoting Holistic Youth Health and Well-being
  6. Emphasizing Youth Participation in Rural Transformation, Agriculture Production and Food Security
  7. Supporting Youth Action on Climate Change, Environmental Sustainability and Climate Justice
  8. Creating and Enabling Environment for Positive Youth Development in Trinidad and Tobago.
These strategic priorities will be achieved through the service Divisions/Programmes within the Ministry.
Youth Affairs Division
The Youth Affairs Division continuously re-examines our national youth delivery system, inclusive of facilities and human resources, in an attempt to ensure that we administer a coordinated, relevant, youth-centered and youth-friendly delivery system that serves the current and emerging needs of all our youth.
The Division’s Model of Intervention includes;
  • Direct Youth Service Delivery
  • Partnership with relevant organizations and agencies.
  • Providing technical expertise on youth development matters.
  • Representing the Ministry on committees examining youth issues. 
  • Establishing committees to examine specific youth issues.
  • Contracting the services of Consultants and Service Providers with a track record in youth development and relevant work.
  • Providing subventions or grant funding to support youth development work.