Roxborough Youth Club 30th Anniversary – Congratulatory Message

Fellow citizens,

On behalf of the Ministry of Youth Development and National Service, I extend hearty congratulations to the Roxborough Police Youth Club on their milestone achievement of thirty (30) years of existence.

Over the last thirty (30) years the Roxborough Police Youth Club has exemplified the highest standards within the network of over one hundred (100) active youth clubs in Trinidad and Tobago having provided our youth with alternatives to a life of crime, violence and anti-social behaviours.

Their robust youth activity agenda, which is diverse and second-to-none, boasts of an activity centre for the elderly; after-school homework programmes; sporting and agricultural programmes; a Big Brother/Big Sister Mentorship Programme; and an extensive cultural syllabus, which includes a biennial cultural exchange and tourism ventures for the young participants, their parents and guardians, as well as members of the Roxborough and environs.

Their various accolades are extensive and include the Hummingbird Medal Silver for community service; Trinidad Express Newspaper Community Group of the Year 2014 & 2015; and multiple Tobago House of Assembly Youth Awards. These distinguished tributes speak to their commitment to the advancement of Tobago’s youth and their dedication to serving Roxborough and neighbouring communities.

Police Youth Clubs, act as epicentres of hope and positive change in close-knit communities like Roxborough, and act as vehicles for youth development and all those involved. Having impacted over twenty per cent (20%) of Tobago’s youth over the years, it is clear that the Roxborough Police Youth Club is dedicated to the promotion of national service. Their work continues to be synonymous with the pillars of the Draft National Youth Policy of Trinidad and Tobago (2020-2025) which speaks to “Creating safe spaces, peaceful communities and environments”; “Promoting holistic youth health and wellbeing”; and “Facilitating inclusive and active youth participation in the civic and democratic life of Trinidad and Tobago”.

Nelson Mandela once said “After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.” As you approach this new hill- one marred by the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic, I implore you and all youth groups across Trinidad and Tobago to steady your footing and sense of servitude, as this pandemic presents a unique opportunity to engage with communities and understand your distinctive roles in the future of our nation.

The Ministry of Youth Development and National Service, stands ready to support you in achieving your goals and wish you continued success, as we fulfil our mandate to bring all stakeholders together to develop youth with clear paths to employment and entrepreneurship; and support their role as civic-minded citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

Happy 30th Anniversary and God bless you!
Fitzgerald E. Hinds
Minister of Youth Development and National Service