Newly Registered Unity Communal Fund Friendly Society  Supports Families During Bereavement

Mrs. Jennifer T. Thompson, President of the Unity Communal Fund Friendly Society receives the Certificate of Registration from Mr. Michael Seales, Registrar – Friendly Societies Division.

Mrs. Jennifer T. Thompson President of the Unity Communal Fund received its Official Certificate of Registration, making them the newest Society to be registered with the Friendly Society Division (FSD) on Monday 22nd April 2024, at the FSD Office on Duke Street, Port of Spain.

The Unity Communal Fund Friendly Society is a Seventh-Day Adventist organization based in Sange Grande. The group was established in 1976 as a means to assist in the funeral arrangements of its members, making the process easier form surviving family members. Mrs. Thompson stated, “The cost to bury a loved one back then was $500.00 which meant the contribution for members was $2.00 per month. We are still making it affordable to our members in these times. Today, the contribution is $10.00 per month, with a levy payment of $10.00, only upon the death of a member.” She added, “We serve a wide community including D’Abadie, Toco and Mayaro, but we are available to all Seventh-Day Adventists across the country.”

Mr. Michael Seales Registrar of Friendly Societies, expressed, “I am eternally excited to register the newest Friendly Society, especially during Friendly Society Week.” Seales stated, “The Unity Communal Fund Friendly Society represents every Seventh-Day Adventist member of Trinidad and Tobago and I will be helping them to promote their endeavours and assist them in their growth.” Mr Seales noted that other communities should emulate their purpose and strategy to help their community fund benefit their members. He also recognized Mr Imtiaz Ali Member of the Friendly Society Council for his determination to support the Executive members of  Unity Communal Fund Friendly Society in the process of being registered.

Persons interested in becoming members of the Unity Communal Fund Friendly Society must be members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. However, to benefit from the payouts of $5,500.00, members must have one year of membership. Registration can be done at the Sangre Grande Seventh-Day Adventist Church at Ojoe Road, Sangre Grande, on the 1st Sunday of every Month between       3:00 pm and 5:00 pm, or via email at

The Friendly Societies Division is under the purview of the Ministry of Youth Development and National Service and is mandated to supervise and regulate the operations of Societies registered under the Friendly Societies Act and Building Societies. The Friendly Societies Division is also responsible for the management and execution of projects and programmes for the Friendly Societies Division and the Friendly Societies Movement.

The registration kicked off the Friendly Society Week, which continues with a visit to the Oldest Friendly functioning Friendly Society, the Good Samaritan Friendly Society on Tuesday 23rd April at 5:00 pm, 106 Duke Street, Port of Spain.

Mr. Michael Seales – Registrar Friendly Societies Division, with Executive Committee Members of the Unity Communal Fund Friendly Society; (L-R) Emmanuel Bhola-Member; Anita Clarke-Secretary; Jennifer T. Thompson-President; Barbara Ammon-Spencer-Vice President and Anthony Dyett-Treasurer.