Friendly Societies Division Welcomes New Societies at Open Day

The Friendly Societies Division, under the purview of the Ministry of Youth Development and National Service hosted an “Open Day” for interested Friendly Societies on Thursday 1st December at Friendly Societies Division Duke Street, Port of Spain.

The executive members of the newly-registered Friendly Societies were welcomed and greeted by the Registrar, the staff of the Division and the members of the Advisory Friendly Societies Council. Registered groups were informed of the Friendly Societies Movement, role and function of the Friendly Societies Division, the Advisory Friendly Societies Council and guidance on drafting their Friendly Societies Rules. From the five newly registered Societies, four were present at Thursday’s “Open Day; Restore Ah Nation; Hard Core News; Retired Prison Officers Association; Unity Communal Fund and Lady Fatima Lady of Light (absent).

During his brief address, Registrar of Friendly and Chairman of the Advisory Friendly Societies Council, Michael Seales reiterated that Friendly Societies have been in existence for the past 120 years contributing to the welfare of Trinidad and Tobago. In light of this Seales shared “…You are all here to improve the welfare of the persons in each community. My job is to encourage the expansion of these Societies with the responsibility of ensuring compliance and regulating the affairs of these institutions.  The Ministry of Youth Development and National Service has recognized the aging population and we would like to create an environment within Friendly Societies. In this regard I would to create avenues for open spaces to attract more Friendly Societies.”                       

The Office of the Registrar of Friendly Societies and Building Societies is responsible for the supervision and regulation of the operations of Societies registered under the Friendly Societies Act and Building Societies. The Friendly Societies Division is also responsible for the management and execution of projects and programmes for the Friendly Societies Division and the Friendly Societies Movement.

The Ministry of Youth Development and National Service remains committed to bringing all stakeholders together to promote youth development and encouraging civic-minded citizens to contribute to National Service across Trinidad and Tobago.