Commissioner for Co-operative Development Addresses Concerns Related to Works Credit Union

The Co-operative Development Division led by the Commissioner for Co-operative Development (Ag.), Ms. Deborah-Ann Scott, is responsible for the regulation and supervision of Co-operatives in accordance with the Co-operative Societies Act Chapter 81:03 of the Laws of Trinidad and Tobago.

The Office of the Commissioner for Co-operative Development has noted two recent incidents related to Works Credit Union. According to the Commissioner, with reference to the legitimacy of the Board, “On 8th July, 2022, an injunction was granted by the High Court of Trinidad and Tobago which barred the holding of elections at the Society. In light of this injunction, the Society was advised that the status quo be maintained until elections are held.”

“The matter is scheduled to be heard in June 2023, the injunction remains, and the status quo of members of the Board is to be maintained,” Commissioner Scott advised. Therefore, the Board of the Society is legitimate and legal.

In another instance, the Office of the Commissioner acknowledged that it was aware of a Special General Meeting on 14th April, 2023 conducted by Works Credit Union, where a former President of the Society allegedly attempted to physically assault the sitting President. Commissioner Scott stated, “The office of the C.D.D. publicly denounces inappropriate behaviour, and such actions will not be condoned as it reflects poorly on the wider Credit Union Movement.” At present, the Office of the Commissioner is working to restore order and professionalism at the
highest standard, as Societies must comply with legislation to ensure soundness of the Sector.