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The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in drastic changes within the global economy and further increased the gap between traditional education and employment. This challenge has further intensified and necessitated the need to be more innovative, flexible and adaptive, as countless people have experienced job loss. As one of the architects of social change, The Ministry of Youth Development and National Service (MYDNS) plays a pivotal role in helping youth realize their full potential by proactively investing in positive youth development.

The issue of youth participation in governance was first given global prominence in Agenda 21, the declaration following the Rio Summit of 1992. Globally there has been increase recognition of young people right to determine how resources are used, as well as the unique and valuable experiences and views they bring to the discussion. National Youth Councils have always been both a medium and avenue for developing young peoples’ capacity for leadership and civic responsibility. They bring together diverse youth organisations at the local and national level ensuring  that youth  needs, views and opinions  are considered when decisions impacting their lives are taken. 


The Commonwealth Governance, Development and Youth Networks as cited by Youth Participation in Local Decision-Making in Sierra Leone states that:

“Young people have a fundamental right to determine how power and resources are used in their societies. By not including them in decision-making processes, either in the public or private sector, countries loses a crucial resource base. Young people can contribute a great deal through their perspectives and experiences; no governance structure can be truly successful without them.”

In May 2014, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago further endorsed this country’s commitment to youth participation in decision making and support for a National Youth Council of Trinidad and Tobago (NYCTT) when this country became a signatory to the Colombo Declaration on Youth 2014. Recommendation 48 of this declaration, under the thematic area “Empowering Marginalised Youth emphasising the Most at Risk Young People” makes provision for – “Support to youth organisations and National Youth Councils in an effort to reach out to self-organised groups of marginalised young people”.

As such, The Ministry of Youth Development and National Service (MYDNS), as the agency with responsibility for developing our nation’s youth, seeks to re-establish a resilient NYCTT that is representative of youth, and which values the tenants of responsive leadership, good governance, as well as effective, efficient and accountable work processes and systems.


The aim is to empower young people to support national development through active citizenship, stewardship and leadership by mobilizing them to establish a formal governance structure for youth voice and participation in decision-making at the local and national levels.


  • To develop a governance structure and management model through the process of consensus decision making for youth voice and decision making;
  • To host an election for a National Youth Council of Trinidad and Tobago;
  • To constitute and install members of a National Youth Council of Trinidad and Tobago; and
  • To host a capacity building training programme for elected members of the National Youth Council of Trinidad and Tobago.


PURPOSE: The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to invite Consultants to submit proposals for the provision of a comprehensive and complete range of consultative and support services associated with the National Youth Council of Trinidad and Tobago. This document contains the requirements necessary for the execution of this service.

 SCOPE:The Consultant will be required to facilitate six Youth Focused Conversational Workshops to develop and document a youth governance structure and management model for the NYCTT, provide support and oversight for the election process for the NYCTT as well as facilitate a capacity building training programme for elected members of the NYCTT.

The Consultancy will also facilitate training in election procedures, protocols inclusive of:

• How to nominate a candidate;

• Who can serve;

• Election day procedures and sample ballot;

• How to handle contested results.

The work of the Consultant will be supported by a Logistical Support Team from the Ministry. This team will be led by the Youth Officer II / North (Ag.) and will comprise four (4) Youth Development Associates. This team will be tasked with responsibilities such but not limited to: identifying and sourcing venues for consultations, developing and implementing strategies to mobilize youth and youth stakeholders to attend the consultations and work with the consultant to develop a schedule for the consultations.


RFP Closing DateFebruary 28th, 2023
Company/Consultant Evaluation and SelectionMarch 6th , 2023
Award to Company/ConsultantMarch 15th , 2023

The Ministry will require that the approved Consultant abide by the following mandates:

  • FACILITATE & SUBMIT REPORTS ON SIX (6) YOUTH FOCUSED COVERSATIONAL WORKSHOPS: The Consultancy will allow for a youth subject matter expert to facilitate six Youth Focused Conversational Workshops to develop a youth governance structure and management model for the NYCTT and provide a report on the structure and model proposed as a result of the workshop. There must be a minimum of fifteen (15) groups per workshop. 
  • PROVIDE SUPPORT & OVERSIGHT OF THE ELECTION PROCESS: The Consultant will be responsible for providing support and oversight for the NYCTT election process by establishing and identifying the proper protocols and utilizing the appropriate tools for the execution of the election process. 
  • FACILITATE A CAPACITY BUILDING TRAINING: Facilitate a capacity building training programme for elected members of the NYCTT that will establish guidelines, procedures and protocols governing the management and operations of the NYCTT.
  • PROVIDE PROJECT SCHEDULE WITH TIMELINES: Proposals must include a specific project schedule relative to the scope of works and a work breakdown structure which identifies timelines, key milestones, project phases or other project plan information for achieving deliverables.
  • FACILITATE TRAINING IN ELECTION PROCEDURES: The Consultant will provide training in election procedures and protocols inclusive of how to nominate a candidate, who can serve, election day procedures and sample ballot and how to handle contested results. He/she will also be responsible for providing pole day staff. 
  • PROVIDE A POST-IMPLEMENTATION REVIEW: The Consultant will provide a thorough report on achievements, document challenges and obstructions experienced and further recommendations to promote the sustainability of the NYCTT. 
  • Follow specific work plan with timelines for fulfilling tasks;
  • Progress reports relative to the scope of works;
  • Performance reports relative to participant’s engagements.

All payments will be made based on the achievement of the following deliverables/output:

Award of Contract & Submission of specific work schedule with timelines for achieving deliverables relative to scope of works.Adeptness of the approach and methodology utilizedQuality of documents producedRelativity to scope of worksSelection of suitable subject matter experts for the delivery of the consultations.Facilitate 1 Youth Focused Conversational Workshop 20% March 2023  
Displayed ability to deliver and maintain project resources at the required standards set by the Ministry.Utilization of effective methodologies and tools to conduct each of the workshopsConduct 2 Youth Focused Conversational Workshops  April 2023  
Displayed ability to adhere to the specified plan and proposed deliverables set out by the Ministry.Ability to;Facilitate 2 Youth Focused Conversational WorkshopsDevelop a governance structure & management model for the NYCTT30% May 2023  
Submission of governance structure & management model using approved templates. Execution of elections & appointment of new members.Facilitate 1 Youth Focused Conversational WorkshopEstablish and communicate election protocols and procedures a) Advertisement of elections b) Conduct & execute elections for the appointment of new NYCTT members   June2023    30% July 2023
Execution of training programme & submission of Final Report using approved templates.a) Installation of newly elected officers  b) Conduct a capacity building training programme:Identify and procure facilitation for the training programmeDeliver the training programme to the newly elected members of the NYCTTc) Detailed final report highlighting;The impact of the strategies utilized to achieve the stated goals and the quality of the outcomes realizedPost-implementation assessment with recommendations for sustainability of the NYCTT20% August 2023

The contracted Consultant will report to the Director of Youth Affairs. All reports and presentations will be submitted and made to the respective individuals within the prescribed timeframes as per the work schedule and expected output.

The Consultant will be provided with the necessary documentation for the duration of the engagement.

The Director of Youth Affairs will serve as a liaison between the Consultant and the relevant Ministry as per requests for access to documentation and information. All protocols relative to privacy of information shared are to be observed by the Consultant and at no time should any information or any statement be made to the public or otherwise without written confirmation from the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Youth Development and National Service.


The engagement will be for a period not exceeding six (6) months commencing from the date of the award of the contract, however, this is subject to change based on project developments and circumstances affecting progress of same.


The Consultant is expected to have the following:

  • A company/business registration certificate.
  • A BSc-level qualification in the field of Social Sciences (preferably with a focus on youth)
  • Expertise in Youth Development work, with considerable knowledge and practice pertaining to youth governance structure and models for positive youth development.
  • A combination of extensive knowledge & expertise in coordinating/managing projects of a similar nature.

Monitoring and evaluation will be done throughout the consultancy to determine its success and to unearth issues impacting the effective delivery of the outputs and deliverables.

The Consultant will be required to obtain feedback using an evaluation form designed by the Ministry.

  • COMPANY RFP RESPONSE– By responding to this RFP, the Consultant agrees to be responsible for fully understanding the requirements or the other details of the RFP, and will ask any questions to ensure such understanding is gained. The Ministry retains the right to disqualify proprietors who do not demonstrate a clear understanding of our needs.
  • GOOD FAITH STATEMENT-All information provided by the Ministry is offered in good faith. Specific items are subject to change at any time based on circumstances. The Ministry does not guarantee that any particular item is without error.
  • COMMUNICATION AND PROPOSAL SUBMISSION GUIDELINES-Communication with respondents shall not be effective unless the Ministry formally confirms communication in writing. In no case shall verbal communication govern the submission process. Completed proposals should be submitted via email on or before February28th, 2023to:

Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Youth Development and National Service

#2 Elizabeth Street

St. Clair, Port of Spain

Trinidad and Tobago

  • EVALUATION CRITERIA– All proposals will be evaluated systematically, based on the following criteria:
Key Evaluation Criteria
Client Testimonials10 pts
Years Consultant/Company has been in existence (3-4 years minimum)5 pts
Ability to manage geographic diversity10 pts
Demonstrated experience working with young people and managing past projects of a similar nature15 pts
Consultant’s/Company’s depth of capabilities and resources to execute a successful project (e.g. logistical plan/framework, resources, etc.)20 pts
Financial Evaluation (Value for money/Proposed budget breakdown)40 pts
TOTAL100 pts
  • SHORT LISTING- Consultants who have demonstrated their capacity to meet our needs will be contacted via telephone and/or email to be notified of their selection to move forward in the RFP process. Consultants who have not been selected will NOT be contacted. The Ministry does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any bidder.
  • SELECTION- The selected Consultant must notify the Ministry, in writing, of their acceptance of the Award of Contract.

Should you have any queries or require any additional information or clarification related to this RFP, please contact The Procurement Unit at The Ministry of Youth Development and National Service.


Consultants MUST submit the following information:

  • Company Profile-legal name, year of incorporation, number of employees
  • Company Documents-VAT, BIR, NIS, Company Registration
  • Services-description of all services and products supplied
  • Portfolio of similar engagements– description of industry markets/clients served & a list of similar undertakings (in scope and industry)

All proprietors will be provided with a breakdown of costs related to implementation, training, consultation and management of the project as outlined in the “Scope of Work”.

Consultants must agree to the proposed cost for a minimum of 30 days after proposal submission.

Instructions for Submissions

Submissions regarding this proposal should be:

  • A single .zip file containing the Technical and Financial Proposal
  • The Filename MUST be the name of the Consultant/Firm(s)
  • Submitted online by uploading to our online file drop Linked below

When ready to upload your proposal click the Button below